Drs. Willem Zeegers has world wide experience with perfect diagnosis and treatment options. He is an artificial disc replacement specialist since twenty years with more then ADR  3.100 implantations.

Since 1989 drs. Willem Zeegers has over 20 years worldwide one of the biggest experience with Artificial Disc Implantations (ADR). That can be done from one to multilevel. Up to now also many three levels have been implanted. Because of experience and evolutionary improvements of implants, overall success rate is > 95%. Nowadays he is using of one of the best implant on the market, the Activ L Lumbar Artificial Disc. Yes, the Activ L is still the most optimal artificial disc replacement implant alternative for the lumbar spine. In the cervical area he is mostly using the elegant bone saving Mobi C implant, in multiple levels. It has been proven that experienced surgeons have better outcomes with artificial disc replacement.

But… first things first! Drs. Zeegers  can select the solution which is most suitable for you. If you are desperate for your chronic back or neck problems, ask an unbiased comprehensive second opinion from wzeegers@zeta.demon.nl. It must be possible to solve your problems safely, with good results, quickly although you will first need a perfect diagnosis! He does not treat images only, but individuals. 

To start the protocol in getting a unbiased, reliable second opinion report, with a perfect diagnosis and concordant treatment alternatives, send your first name, last name, date of birth, address, ZIP, city, country, fixed and mobile phone numbers, emailaddress, Skype name, Facebook name and profession to wzeegers@zeta.demon.nl.

After receiving your personal data, he will call you to have a patient-doctor chat first.

Dr. Willem Zeegers
+31 6 54 60 22 72

DRS. WILLEM ZEEGERS (11.04.1945. – 20.09.2017.)

It saddens me to announce the untimely death of our beloved friend, teacher, mentor, doctor drs. Willem Zeegers. Willem will remain in our thoughts forever.

Dear patient interested in second opinion or treatment please contact Willem’s friend and assistant Mr. Roberto Posavec.