Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L made wheelchair-dependent pain free

Artificial Disc Replacement made wheelchair-dependent pain free!

A 26 year healthy female, wheelchair-dependent because of her back symptoms. Single mother of 1 child with severe lumbar pain eversince a lifting accident in April 2001. The pain has gradually increased, particularly after delivery. There is a weak feeling in both legs, giving way. Backpain much worse than leg complaints. Very impaired. See data at GPN Profile. See also report neurologist Baumbach. High doses of opiates painkillers.
She came to Munich with severe stabbing central lower back pain, with burning and stabbing pain radiating into her left upper leg, with weakness and inability to walk due to her left leg symptoms. Restricted in bending, turning and sports. Already 8 years of suffering, from severe lower back pain symptoms, with left leg pain. 

X cervical spine: No abnormalities, no instability.
X lumbar spine: L4/L5 instability, with disc height lost at the level L4/L5
MRI total spine: Degenerative disc disease L4/L5, with an annular tear, very aggravated

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L

Pre-OP MRI 2006

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L

Wheelchair-dependent 26 female

1)      Chronic severe lower back pain, with severe impairments
2)      Symptomatic L4/L5 degenerative disc disease, with central rupture at L4/L5

Artificial Disc Replacement Activ L at the level L4/L5

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L – Perfect position!








Rehabilitation with very intensive workouts: Positive result within a week! 

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L

Already able to walk again in Munich!









Still pain free in 2013, 7 years after her Artificial Disc Replacement surgery in Munich.
She can run marathons again, and she was a champion runner in July 2013:

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L

Marathon Champion 2013

Artificial Disc L4/L5 Activ L

Today smiling, happy end

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