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Drs. Zeegers has over 20 years extensive worldwide experience since 1989, with > 2100 disc replacements, single and multi level procedures. He knows all pitfalls. Drs. Zeegers is able to select an unbiaseed  treatment solution. Multilevel Artificial Disc Implantation is common. Also he has experience with combinations of ADR, stabilization, fusion, and other treatments.
Why do I need Drs. Zeegers to have an Artificial Disc Replacement?
1) Perfect diagnosis (in combination with neurologist)
Drs. Zeegers has over 30 years of experience with orthopedic surgery and more than 20 years with Artificial Disc Replacement.  First of all you need a perfect analysis. The diagnosis is the key to surgical success.
2) 20 years of surgery experience (>2.100 implants)
You absolutely need a spinal surgeon with many many years of experience in artificial disc replacement to prevent wrong indications, avoide complications and disappointing results . Drs. Zeegers started with motion preservation technique in 1989. It has been proven that experienced surgeons have better outcomes with artificial disc replacement (Orthopedics today: 2004-24-01).
3) Availability of wide range of spinal implants (not limited to special FDA rules)
To reach high success rates without complications, the implant choice is also critical: nowadays drs. Zeegers is using the Activ L artificial disc and due to constant improvements in surgical techniques and implants, success rates have reached over 95%.  Drs. Zeegers can can select the solution which is most suitable for you. If you are desperate for your chronic back or neck problems, ask an unbiased comprehensive second opinion from
It must be possible to solve your problems safely, with good results, quickly although you will first need a perfect diagnosis!
Please communication only through send your first name, date of birth, fixed and mobile number and skype name. Then I’ll call you. So no medical stories or sending data, waiting for me to launch a patient-doctor had. First time you call. He does not treat images, but individuals, so do not send yet films.
drs.Willem Zeegers MD
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