Lumbar Artificial Disc Replacement (ADR) Activ L (click)
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Cervical Artificial Disc Replacement M6 and Mobi C
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Stand Alone Anterior Interbody Fusion (STALIF)(VERTEBRIDGE ROI-A)
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Minimal Invasive Dorsal Decompression

Hybrid Reconstructions
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M6 Artificial Disc Replacement  (click)

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The M6-L lumbar artificial disc design has maybe questionable advantages, but more technical disadvantages in relation to the Activ-L artificial disc implant. The indication for a lumbar M6 is extremely dependent on the individual anatomy and pathology to avoid malfunctioning and complications. An accurate judgement of the patient’s lumbar condition is mandatory. The final decision of the implant choice has to be made by an experienced artificial disc replacement surgeon. Up to now, the Activ-L artificial disc implant is still preferred, because of implant design, patient safety, posting accuracy, approach and instrumentation.



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